Monday, July 24, 2006

Pine Grosbeak, Gilston Park, Heretfordshire 16/7/06

A fantastic bird, there has been a lot of controversy about this bird as to whether it is an escape or not, because it is a slightly odd time of year for these kinds of rarities to turn up. Personally I think that anything can happen in the bird world and that this is a wild bird, no rings or anything! See photos page on for photos. This bird has been recorded 11 times in Britain before and near me the last time it was recorded in the London area was at least 163 years ago! The bird was very obliging and was sitting in a pine tree in front of a house for at least half an hour. I was just finding this link for you with a picture of this particular bird feeding from someone's hand (not necessarily making it an escape as this species is tame and wild birds in their home country are very tame as well) and I found a comment saying that is is confirmed to be an escape,(copy and paste it into your browser)I am not really that bothered, was a fantastic bird, even though it was an escape. Also I have just found out that the bird was not a male as presumed, but a red coloured female. (females are usually green,goldy, yellowyish).

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