Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Great-white Pelican, Bough Beech Reservoir, 6th Agust 2006

This bird is yet another controversial one. It was pretty distant when we went and we only got rubbish out of focus photos, which I STILL can't upload which SUCKS, so, if you want to veiw the best one please go to www.birdnut.me.uk then click on photo index, scroll down until you see the section titled somthing like "raritees, escapees, possible escapees and hybrids" then you should see the photos. It was a lovely bird and was sitting down most of the time, in the shade, I wish I had some shade that day it was so hot! It was fishing after a while and was very careful with its preening. The wings looked like they had been clipped in the past but the bird could have gone through some rough weather if it did come all the way from Greece or Turkey.

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