Wednesday, September 06, 2006

London Wetlands Centre 3rd September

Today wasn't that good in the way of birds. Swifts (my favourite birds) have left by now and the usual Sand and House Martins were wizzing around. There were lots of Grey Heron, Lapwing etc. I think redshank must be declining or something because I haven't seen many around recently, though I did see a few in Norfolk. There were Mallard, Gadwall, Ruddy Ducks etc, most of which were in eclipse plumage. The highlight was my first site Yellow Wagtail, they say you see them alot there but I have never seen one before. I think it is too late for this summer's target bird for me, the Garganey, Britain's only summer visiting duck and as it is the eclipse season it is very hard trying to seperate this species , which will soon be down in Africa, from Teal. I also saw a Sparrowhawk fly over the main lake just as my Dad was telling me that one was seen the previous day doing the same thing! I got a few shots of Moorhen, one mother had 6 chicks! They were in the small area with all the farm ducks at the time. It said on the board that the previous day there was a site count of aproximately 200 Teal, and I didn't see any. This is why I think this site is wierd, it is fake, in the middle of London and yes it is a great sanctary but almost every time I go there to see a rare bird I don't like the 2 times I attempted to see Bittern there but failed (well they are secretive), and the time I was going to see a Spotted Crake but guess what, the day before a Sparrowhawk ate it! And the time when I went to see see a Siberean Stonechat but of course it flew off . I have a disadvantage as a student at School because my only real available time for travelling and birding is Sunday, I would go on Saturday but my Dad is working then! Anyway, on the track back I saw a couple of Wasp Spiders that will hopefully be on on Friday.


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emailed u, but dunno if you got it. Are you a member of birdforum? I am but haven't used it yet really. Hard luck about missing stuff - i've done it a lot recently too (red-breasted goose, serin, black redstart, green-winged teal.... and thats just this easter!!!)


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Yeah, got your email as you know. I am a birdforum I sure miss quite alot!
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