Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nonsuch Park Kestrels

In early August I went to Nonsuch Park and saw some great birds including Ring-necked Parakeets which must love it there because you cannot go to that park without seeing them! I noticed a Kestrel perched on a bare, young tree a fair way off, too far to get a good picture. Then I noticed a female landing in a similar tree just a few feet away from me, WOW! I snapped away, I had a 2x converter on so I only got 1 or 2 good pics. Soon the male flew off then the female, I followed them over to where they had perched and they were sitting in the same smalI tree, male and female next to each other, YES! I went back there day after day with success and have named the female Jesse, the male Jack and the juvenile female Jill. I don't know why I named them all names beggining with j, but, it works! To view some of the best photos go to www.birdnut.me.uk then photo index then scroll down the "common birds" column until you find the Kestrels, I think they are near the bottom.

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