Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dungeness RSPB, Kent, 22th April 07

Today I went because I heard there was quite a lot of activity here including Golden Oriole, Red-rumped Swallow, Great-northern Diver and Bee-eater. Of course I missed all but one of them. We arrived at the RSPB car park and saw some Common Terns flying over and some Whitethroat, two new year birds, it was lovely to see them again. Then we went over to the ARC pit (where I thought the Diver was) and there were a few Cormorants, Pochard and Ruddy Duck but no Diver, I was informed that it was on the lake on the other side of the road, so I went there and there it was, beautiful, just sitting there a 2nd Cal Spring bird and a first for me, it went to sleep soon afterwards but then started fishing, it was near some gulls and grebes and it was nice to get a size comparison. Next we moved on to the Patch to see some seabirds which produced two new birds for me, Artic Tern, which migrates from Antarctica to the Artic and back each year, and Great Skua, which flew right above our heads! Other birds included Common Scoter, Whrimbrel, Bar-tailed Godwit, Curlew, Turnstone, Brent Goose and Gannet. It was a very enjoyable seawatch. We then had a look at the trapping area to see if there was anything there but it only produced a Whitethroat. Next time I should get there much earlier. Over all it produced some great birds, 3 new life birds and many 2007 ticks and was very enjoyable. But of course I cannot go without mentioning the Little Owl that we saw on the way back, I spotted it from the car and we stopped but it had disappeared, we gave up and drove off, but then I saw it on the other side of the barn that I spotted it on, and got some good pictures, one of which is on the Latest page.

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