Friday, April 13, 2007

Snettisham 7th April 2007

Snettisham RSPB, Norfolk 7/4/07Today was abit weird. I wanted to see the Black-eared Kite and travelled 75 miles from the B&B to see it. It was too long a journey. When we got their we walked through the reserve seeing a few Avocets, Curlews etc but many were too distant to indentify without the scope and I badly wanted that Black-eared Kite (first for Britain) so I didn't stop to look at them. On the way I saw a Marsh Harrier hunting and the same female Scaup that was there last August, it is weird that she isn't migrating, she should be, maybee she just doesn't have the instinct in her, anyway that was a year tick and it was nice seeing her again, I got some good photos of her as well. I saw some Sand Martins flying over which was nice. We talked to someone and they said that the Kite was over in another place, so we had walked all this way for nothing really, but in the end it was worth it. We went off to see the Black-headed Gull breeding colony and saw some Mediterranean Gulls, fantastic birds and a 2007 tick. It was magical being in the middle of a Gull breeding colony. There was a flock of Avocets ad then came a flock of Brent Geese, with a separate flock of Barnacles a single Ross' Goose and a Pink-footed Goose. At first I thought it was a Snow Goose until I posted the photos on and they said it was a ross's but it turned out to be an escape unfortunately. I decided to have a quick go at seeing the kite, of course missed it, but in a nearby field to where it was meant to be there were loads of Grey Partridge, a first for me! It was a very enjoyable day after all.

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