Friday, April 13, 2007


Here are some archive trip reports from
Bedfordshire Farm B&B 6th to 9th April 2007
For a few days we stayed at a farm in Sandy, Bedfordshire which is really near the RSPB headquarters. We arrived around 3:30 pm on Friday the 6th.
I didn't really do much that day, just had one or two walks around the farm. I saw a few Skylarks, Rooks, Mistle Thrush, Woodpigeons, 3 Buzzards, distantly, a Pied Wagtail and other songbirds like a pair of Robins. One of the highlights was small flock of Swallows coming over, a real sign of Spring. Around the Farm house you could not get away from Chaffinches, they were everywhere! Another notable species was a female Yellowhammer which I do not get to see that often.
I got up at 06:00 AM and was dressed and ready in ten minutes for the first walk of the day. Dad took a while longer and it was frustrating listening to the bird activity dieing down and watching the sun getting higher while he was getting ready, but soon enough we were off. Apart from more Skylark activity, at first it looked like it wasn't going much better than yesterday afternoon's two walks. A Wren came really close and was singing its heart out right next to us! Other notable birds were a flying Grey Heron, Herring Gulls passing through, flyover Cormorants and Reed Buntings in a ditch. The most amazing sight though, was a Sparrowhawk chasing a Skylark, it was just like a scene out of The Life of Birds by David Attenborough where a Merlin was chasing a Skylark. The Sparrowhwak was determined and they made some pretty sharp manoeuvres, almost getting the lark, but Skylarks are excellent flyers and it was singing while it was being chased this is to display its fitness to the Sparrowhawk and put it off. Eventually, the Lark dashed into a bush where the hawk couldn't get it, and the Sparrowhawk had to give up and flew away. Wow! It was a scene I will never forget. Later on we saw Greenfinches, Goldfinches, Starlings, Blue Tits and a single Magpie. On another walk later on notable species were flyover Canada Geese, Mistle Thrush and a brief view of a Red-legged Partridge flying.
On the last day or so we saw much the usual, Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Blue and Great Tits and other common birds mentioned previously, but it was nice having breakfast whilst watching a male and female Yellowhammers feeding out of the window! Thankyou so much Highfield Farm B&B 6 Stars friendly, comfortable, beautiful setting and great birds! Thanks!

Staines Reservoir 25th March 2007
For weeks I have wanted to go to Staines Reservoir and finally this Sunday I did. There was a Slavonian Grebe there and some Black-necked Grebes I had heard and these were two that were not yet on my list. So I headed off to see these rare, beautiful birds. When I got there, there was only one car in the car park so I thought i would have a hard time finding the birds but when I got up there, there were actually quite alot of people and I saw the Slavonian Grebe fishing just ten minutes after arrival, thanks to the help of a friendly birder. It was a truly spectacular bird and very stunning. I watched it for about ten minutes then I headed off to see the Black-necked Grebes. I saw another birder quite soon and I thought he might have got them, so I stopped off and talked to him and surely enough, he had. There were four that I saw that day but on Monday there was a report of nine of them and some Red-breasted Mergansers (which I would have loved to have seen as well, as I have not seen one for many years). When i saw them I realised just how distinctive Black-necked and Slavonians are from each other, I made annotated field sketches just to make sure I had it in my head. It was cold and there was not much else to see so I headed back and had a last look at the Slavonian and took some pictures, but due to the shear distance (could see it well in scope but the 50-500 lens couldn't do it) they are not that good at all and not worth publishing on the internet. I observed it catching a massive fish that it struggled to get down but finally won. My life list is now up to a still pretty pathetic 176 but hey, they were good birds and very much worth the journey.
Dungeness RSPB, Kent 11/3/07
Before this visit I had arranged to meet with my friend, Dave to meet at Dungeness and for once it was successful. I was very pleased because, due to the bright weather I could get my shutter speed up to 1250th of a second. When normally, I have to reduce it to 320th, at the fastest. At least that is one reason to look forward to the summer whereas the thought of baking heat and not being able to look up without squinting to see what's flying around makes me depressed. my first good shot came in minutes after getting out of the car when an Oystercatcher flew over and I managed a couple of shots, one of which (my prefered) is seen on the home page and photo pages). There were numerous species of Gulls at the site (presumably gathering to breed) including Great and Lesser Black-backed, Herring and Common. Coots, Tufted Ducks and Great-crested Grebes were also noted near the beginning as well as many cormorants which I managed fairly poor flight shots of. Corvids included Magpie, Carrion Crow and Rook. A couple of weeks ago (the Capel Fleet day) I saw an albino Jackdaw which unusual. Further on there was a male Goldeneye and a Chiffchaff (I am guessing it was this and not a Willow Warbler as I didn't hear the song). There was also Reed Bunting, Black-headed Gull, a Wren, Mute Swans and many ducks including Mallard, Gadwall, Shoveler, Teal, Goldeneye and Smew. There were two drake Smew (my favourite duck) and two females. I didn't manage internet publishable images but if you search the web you will see why they are my favourite. Like the Goldeneye they are winter visitors and will leave for their Northern breeding grounds soon. These were a new year bird for me and the best bird of the day. I saw some beautiful birds in wonderful light today and got some pleasing photos (see photos page), I am very happy!
Capel Fleet 25 Feb 07
Today was very pleasing. After getting through over two hours of driving and a welcome Mc Donald's and some more driving we finally found the road that you could view the long-staying Rough-legged Buzzard from. The wind was bitter and there were a few birders there who I was hoping would spot the bird and show me where it was without much work but, they left in 5 minutes. I was confused at this as they said they had only just arrived, I got the idea they spotted it then zoomed off to see another bird, deliberately not letting me see it but then a again it was painful standing there and very frustrating. After a short period of scanning I spotted a bird, it was a crow! I soon spotted another, it was definitely a raptor, very buzzard like and it was frustratingly hard to tell it from a common or a Rough-legged due to the angle of the sun at the particular time of day. When it flew I could tell it was a Rough- legged. It sat there for ages and of course... when I took my eye off the scope for a moment then looked again... typically, it wasn't there! But luckily I found it flying when I panned a bit. It was the bird... YES!!! Another good tick for me and an amazing bird. On the pool there were Shelduck, Coots, Lapwings, Shovelers and fly-over Oystercatchers. In the distance I spotted Bewick's Swans another good bird. I then moved on to the raptor watchpoint where I soon spotted a ringtail (female) Hen Harrier, yet another pleasing tick! There were also plenty Marsh Harrier and a Kestrel as well as two male Pheasants sizing each other up but there was no fight in the end. Further up the road I spotted Red-legged Partridges, two Merlins and a flock of 30+ Corn Buntings (all 07 ticks for me). So I got my 07 list up to 92 and my life up to 178 today. I was very pleased.
Nonsuch 3/2/07
Today's sightings were very unexpected. Once again... my dad couldn't go birding so I phoned my gran up and asked her to take me to my patch. After getting out of the car and seeing not much but Ring-necked Parakeets and Crows, we wandered over to a little field where no dogs are allowed to see Green Woodpeckers. I didn't see Green Woodpeckers though; I saw the much rarer Lesser-spotted. And all within a few minutes of getting out of the car! I almost over looked it as a tit or finch due to its size, but looked through my binoculars at it after it started pecking wood. I was shocked at the site, which was a first for me. This was also very good for my patch, which normally doesn't produce much rare. The only other fairly rare bird I have seen there is a Little Owl. But this must have been the best sighting there yet. I later reported it to and sent a letter to my county bird recorder. There is an image on the Photo Page. After that I didn't see much apart from Jays, Magpies, Crows and common songbirds but for me that was one of my best finds yet and a day I will never forget.
Elmley Marshes 21/1/07
Today I went to Elmley, aiming to see a Short-eared Owl, like I did there 2 years back now. of course as usual, when I set myself an aim to see a hard species like this I all ways fail and did today too. But I did see 34 species today so I suppose I did fairly well but the star of the day was the Peregrine Falcon. These are one of my favourite birds and are so spectacular, seeing one hunting makes you speechless. I was lucky enough to see this spectacular event today but unfortunately didn't get any photos, they might have turned out alright but to be honest it was a bit too far away for good pics and I was glued to my binoculars whilst watching this spectacular hunter stooping at a flock of Wigeon, Teal and Pintail. I will try to get some photos next time I see this. Another surprise that I was greeted with was the whole scrape in front of me being covered by Grey Plover, Dunlin, Knot, Turnstone, Little Stint (!) and a Bar-tailed Godwit. On the entrance track there were the usual lapwings, Redshanks, Coots etc and some Skylarks which I am always pleased to see. Also on the marsh were about 5 Bewicks Swans which are a good bird for me. On the way in there was a wonderful male Stonechat which gave great poses on a gate near the car allowing me to get great photos. Apart from that there was nothing else much of note apart from a male Kestrel posing excellently on a post on the way out which would have given a great photo opportunity if the light conditions weren't rapidly fading. It was a fantastic day overall despite the lack of Short-eared Owl which, as a species seems to be having a poor winter with hardly any of them arriving this year. But I was particularly pleased with Peregrine and Bewick's Swan, especially the Peregrine with such excellent views of such a powerful bird hunting, it was probably quite young and inexperienced as it failed to catch anything and was hunting fairly poorly.

Rainham Marshes 10th December 2006-12-16
I was really excited about going to Rainham Marshes it was said to be very good and well designed and a Black Redstart was there, a bird to add to my 2006 list and it would have been the last chance I had to get it on there. When we arrived I immediately recognized the visitor centre, with its strange design and colours it was unmistakable. I saw 20 species just by looking out of the window up there and they included Pied Wagtail, Wigeon, Little Egret and many others. When we started the walk I spotted a Kestrel sitting on a fence very near to us and I got some shots that I may add to the site later. I heard that there was a Hen Harrier, it would have been a first for me but I missed out on it. I saw Pintail though, which I haven't seen for a long time. There were many Grey Herons on the target pools, lots of them. When I reached the place I I thought the Black Redstart was I told my dad to stop and look for it and that I wanted to have a look where we were because we had a good view of Aveley Pools but he said, "Well we'll have a look when we get there won't we". I was really confused and I couldn't catch up with him because I was tired and was carrying lots of heavy stuff. He went to a hide that was blocked of a good view because of a hill that was in front of us. He let me go down to have a look at the pools but the Black Redstart was too far away then, oh well. At least I saw 2 Bearded Tits! Other highlights were Stonechat and lots of great views of common birds.
Warnham 12th November 2006
Today, we decided to go to Warnham to cheer us up after our budgie, Jersey, died the early morning of the day before- Saturday 11th November she was always ill and was only going to be two on the 29th, she was young and I think she had a stroke during the night. I stayed in the first hide on my own while mum and dad had a cup of tea in the cafe. They missed out on so much! Great and Blue Tits posing so well for photographs, and a very photogenic Nuthatch! I got some cracking shots! They arrived and it was time to move on to the feeding station, I got some good photos of Robin and Chaffinch and saw Dunnock and Song Thrush as well as a wide range of other garden birds, a Great-spotted Woodpecker also arrived and I got shots. We moved on and saw Black headed and Herring Gulls chasing each other and Mandarin and Teal fly past. We did walk round the forest but nothing came of it apart from a Wren. The Mute Swan family has broken up, there were two adults and two cygnets but one adult and one cygnet disappeared a few weeks ago when gypsies were camping on site. Now the remaining adult- the male acted aggressively to the cygnet, obviously wanting it to leave and become independent. The shot on photos page is of it sitting on the ground confused about being rejected. See photos page for photos from that day.
Oare Marshes 5/11/06
Today was a great day for birding and photography, first I looked at the East Flood for 30-60 minutes and one of the first things I saw was the Long-billed Dowitcher, the same bird that I saw a month ago, and this time the lighting was better and he was much nearer. I got some pleasing shots as I ma sure the other photographers did. See Photo Page/ Photo Index for a photo. Other birds on the East Flood included Moorhen, Greylag Goose (which I got some pleasing flight shots of on Photo Page), Lapwing, Carrion Crow, Black-headed Gull, Grey Heron which allowed me very close and I got some good close up portrait shots (Photo Page), Starling flitted about, Cormorants dried themselves in the sun Black and Bar tailed Gowits were preening at the back ducks such as Wigeon, Shoveler, Teal and Mallard fed and Coots squabbled. We then walked round the Swale, this is the first time I have walked the Swale and it was thrilling to see a Kestrel hover in front of a beautiful sunset with a flock of Starlings gathering to roost further away in the background. When you turned round and saw quite a different sight; Redshanks calling and flying around on a moonlit Swale, with the moon reflecting and creating a reflection in the mud it was truly beautiful, the sky was so varied that evening with the sunset and the moon. What a way to finish the day off, with a Cetti's Warbler singing and flying around?

Pulborough Brooks 24/10/06
Firstly, as we arrived and approached the visitor centre the call of Tits grabbed my attention. At the feeders during my approximately 20 minute watch I saw Coal, Great, Blue and Marsh Tit. This is the site that I rely on to see these unfortunately declining birds. I haven't seen one of these since April 05. Greenfinches and Chaffinches were also noted. I saw a few Jays flying around. This time of year is excellent for Jays as they are very active searching for acorns. They can hide up to 10,000 of these nuts for the winter and however amazing their memory and intelligence is, they forget some and these germinate into Oaks. Robins, Black-headed Gulls, Jackdaws, Starlings, Blackbirds, Lapwings were seen. I saw few Stonechats and one or two Meadow Pipits along the walk. I also saw Pheasants, Yellowhammers and Long-tailed Tits. A relief was a pair of Bullfinches calling overhead, which I haven't seen since January at Pennington Flash. I saw a total of 30 birds that half-term Tuesday and it was great to see some birds that I haven't seen for a long time.
Oare Marshes 8/10/06
Today my target was the Long-billed Dowitcher, a young individual that was born earlier this year. On its first migration it got blown off-course from North America to Kent (it was meant to end up in south North America). I spent most of the trip watching the East flood, which can get boring after a while because its like spending a whole birding trip watching one part of the marsh, but I saw Little Stint, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Egret, Ruff, Avocet, lots of Golden Plover and a Sparrowhawk, which set the whole east flood up into the air and circled around for a while (see photo page). A kestrel also offered fantastic views through the scope hovering. Just as we about to leave, without the Dowitcher, a group spotted it on its favourite pool west of the road further up, like in the photographs on, we had to watch it into the sun, the advantage, however was the digiscoped images were easier to focus. It turned out being a fantastic day with over 30 bird species.
Dungeness RSPB, 24/9/06
Today was my first ever proper seawatching trip, and wow it was successful for a first go. I added Arctic Skua, Pomarine Skua, Common Scoter, Gannet and Razorbill to my life list. And it was a relief that I got some 2006 firsts also; Brent Goose (totally unexpected) and Black Tern (and possible Red-breasted Merganser). The sea was quite calm and so was the wind but we still got a good passage. My life list is now up to 174/5 (Pelican Problem) and my 2006 list is up by 7, unfortunately I lost count of my year list but will sort it out in December.

Warnham LNR, 17/9/06
Today was a relaxed, birding day not any particular aims or sites we just popped over to Warnham. We got good views of a Kingfisher (first for a long time!) and other birds. I was pleased with my Mute Swan and Great Tit shots.1Grey heron2Woodpigeon3Mallard- Some back into normal plumage from eclipse!4Cormorant5Great-crested Grebe (not seeing as many of these as I used to, suffering a decline???)6Great Tit7Blue Tit8Robin9Canada Goose10 Pochard-Drake11Chaffinch12Kingfisher-lovely views, got bad digiscoped pictures13Mute Swan- Pair with one cygnet born earlier this year14Mandarin-1 drake, good to see these beautiful birds again, its been a while.15Teal16Magpie17Tufted Duck18Carrion Crow19Herring Gull-really high20Swallow, flock high heading South, on a dangerous journey back to Africa after rearing their young here.21Great-spotted Woodpecker22Nuthatch23Dunnock

Peregrine Falcons at Tate Modern 10/9/06
Absolutely fantastic birds. There was a male and female. The male was easier to see and gave us fantastic views through the scopes provided; the volunteers were very friendly and told visitors all about these amazing birds. I have never seen these birds perched before, the only times I have seen them were at Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex and Elmley Marshes, Kent. Both of these occasions were brief and silhouetted. It was amazing how still they were staying! The most active I saw this pair was when the male stretched his wings! Once he turned around and let us see his lovely slate grey back.

London Wetlands Centre, London, UK 3/9/06.
1 Mallard2 Moorhen-one family had 6 youngsters3 Coot4 Shoveler5 Feral pigeon6 House Martin7 Sand Martin8 Mute Swan9 House Sparrow10 Grey heron11 Great-crested Grebe12 Starling13 Lapwing14 Black-headed Gull15 Ruddy Duck16 Cormorant17 Tufted Duck18 Woodpigeon19 Great Tit20 Greenfinch21Chaffinch22 Blue Tit23 Pochard24 Yellow Wagtail25 Snipe-Took a while to pick out in the scope but I got it in the end, great views when you could make it out.26 Whooper Swan27 Gadwall28 Canada Goose29 Sparrowhawk-flying over main lake30 Herring GullLovely views of Wasp Spider, very big and pretty. I am pleased with my photos and you can see one of them on Photos Page. Apparently very rare.

Bough Beech Reservoir, Kent, UK 6/8/06.
Great White Pelican and great waders!
1Great-white Pelican-Fantastic bird, certainly my first, probably an escapee but I am hoping that it is wild and if it is it may have flown all the way from Greece or Turkey by accident!2Mute swan3Common Tern4Cormorant5Great-crested Grebe6Pied Wagtail7Coot8Moorhen9Greylag Goose10Grey Heron11Lapwing13Canada Goose14Mallard15Shelduck16Pochard17Carrion crow18woodpigeon19Greenshank20Black-tailed Godwit-two youngsters21Green Sandpiper22Coomon Sandpiper-had Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper and Greenshank all in one veiw at the same time.23Swallow24House Martin25mandarin26House Sparrow27Blackbird28Robin29Feral pigeon-on wader scrape30wigeon31Collared Dove

Dungeness, kent, uk 30/7/06.
1Kestrel-one hunting2Swallow-some flitting around feeding on insects in mid-air3Yellowhammer4Pied Wagtail- Juveniles feeding in front of the hides5Coot6Herring Gull7Lapwing8Tufted Duck- the males were in eclipse plumage (where they moult their flight feathers and have to look like females to camoulflage themsleves to avoid predators)9Starling10Mute swan11Carrion Crow12Great-crested Grebe13Pochard14Cormorant15Woopigeon16Sand Martin17Linnet18Grey Wagtail19Grey Heron20Great-black backed gull21Moorhen22Oystercatcher23Greylag goose24Yellow wagtail25Mallard26Canada goose27Common Tern28Little Egret29MArsh harrier, lovely male hunting over denge marsh30Red-crested Pochard-one female31Black-tailed godwit-a few juveniles wading32Meadow pipit33gadwall34common sandpiper-one sleeping35black-headed gull36Ringed Plover-two feeding on denge marsh37sedge warbler-one alarm calling and hopping about

Rye Harbour, 9/7/06
1Mallard2ruddy Duck3Tufted Duck4Swift-My favourite! Skimmming over water5Sand martin6Black-headed Gull7Lapwing8Coot9Moorhen10Lesser Black-backed Gull11Starling12Reed Bunting13Woodpigeon14Cormorant15Great-crested Grebe16Pied Wagtail17Little Grebe-Family with 2 tiny little chicks!18 canada Goose- One family had 5 youngsters19Common Tern20Great Black-backed Gull21Feral Pigeon22Great-spotted Woodpecker23Great Tit24Greenfinch25Chaffinch26Blue Tit27Ring-necked parakeet28Jay29Dunnock30Mute Swan31Shoveler32Oystercatcher33Herring gull34Avocet-Pair with four chicks, fantastic veiws and I got pics that I will show you next week, not very good pics though. First time I have seen them here. Grey Herons were trying to get the chicks but the adults were very brave.35Reed Warbler-Briefly flitting between reeds, singing.36gadwall37GreenSandpiper, shouldn't be here, should be up in Russia or Scandinavia! They only winter here and it is the middle of June!38Carrion Crow39Magpie Only saw one today, a juvenile briefly flying in distance. Can tell it is juvenile because of short tail.
Warnham 4/6/06.
Cracking today! Great day with excellent,close veiws of Dragonflies and many bird species. A male Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly allowed me to get fantastic shots with interesting angles.1Common Tern-pair nesting for the second year2Mallard3Magpie4Coot5Grey heron6Blue Tit7Great Tit8Blackbird9Cormorant10Dunnock11Great-crested Grebe12Goldfinch13Sedge Warbler (heard) -Can never seen them!14CUCKOO-My first!!! One flew over - all identification points added up plus one was seen a few days ago.15Nuthatch16Greenfinch17Great-spotted Woopecker18Chaffinch19SonThrush(Heard)20Robin21Moorhen22Reed Bunting

Oare Marshes 28/5/06.
Actually sunny for once! Great day with excellent, close views of birds and frogs.
1Redshank2 Mallard3 Lapwing- Flying around close, fantastic veiws!4 Pied Wagtail5 Greylag Goose- One party with cute Goslings!6 Coot7 Moorhen8 Swift9 Swallow10 Collared Dove11 Cormorant12 Grey Heron- Absolutely amazing bird, one caught 6 eels in 20 minutes! See Photos Page for pics!13 Little Egret- Many around-fantastic veiws.14 House Sparrow15 Black-headed Gull16 Herring Gull17 Little Grebe18 Oystercatcher19 Tufted Duck20 Shelduck21 Shoveler22 Ruddy Duck23 Gadwall24 Starling25 Reed Warbler26 Sedge Warbler27 Dunnock28 Woodpigeon29 Blackbird.
Date: 14/5/06 Location: London Wetlands Centre Weather: Cloudy, still.
1 Little Grebe2 Great-crested Grebe 3 Cormoarant4 Grey Heron5 Whooper Swan- The same idividual that likes it there and lives there permenently, it really should be in Iceland!6 Mute swan7 Greylag Goose8 Canada Goose9 Gadwall10 Mallard11 Pochard12 Shoveler13 Tufted Duck14 Kestrel- A lovely bird hovering over.15 Moorhen16 Coot17 Little Ringed Plover18 Lapwing19 Redshank20 Lesser Black-backed Gull21 Herring Gull22 Common Tern23 Feral Pigeon24 Woodpigeon25 Swift26 Ring-necked Parakeet27 Sand Martin28 House Martin29 Pied Wagtail30 Dunnock31 Robin 32 Blackbird33 Sedge Warbler34 Reed Warbler MY FIRST!! I finnally managed to see one amongst the reed!35 Blue Tit36 Great Tit37 Long-tailed Tit38 Jay- One in a tree in front of some houses39 Magpie40 Carrion Crow41 Starling42 House Sparrow43 Chaffinch44 Greenfinch45 Reed Bunting46 Great Black- back gull- This should be with the other gulls but missed it out and it would be very hard to re-number all the species past 22!
Date: 7/5/06 Location: Elmley Marshes RSPB Weather: Sunny, still.
Great day today, many great birds, nice weather, lovely views and photos. Top birds included: Whrimbrel, Spotted Redshank, Corn Bunting, Skylark, Yellow wagtail and Peregrine, most of which I got great veiws, even if breif as in the case of the peregrine where one flew low over the car, chasing a pigeon. Read on to find ot what a day this was!1 House Sparrow2 Lapwing 3 Coot4 Mute Swan5 Shelduck6 Redshank7 Little-ringed Plover8 Yellow Wagtail- My best ever views!9 Peregrine- one low over our car chasing a pigeon! My second.10 Feral Pigeon (The one being chased by the peregrine!)11 Skylark- first propper views, a pair feeding on the ground, later on saw one singing.12 Oystercatcher- many around13 Black-headed Gull14 Meadow Pipit- Alot, singing, song flighting and feeding.15 Corn Bunting- Good views of one singing on a post, MY FIRST!16 Woodpigeon17 Starling18 Swallow- many flying close19 Kestrel- saw two, one at the start of our trip and one at the end.20 Blackbird21 Magpie22 Mallard23 Reed Bunting- a few around24 Whrimbrel- my second! Literally hundreds in some fields.25 Pheasant26 Avocet- came very close to hide, there were many there acting territorily27 Gadwall- a few pairs28 Dunlin29 Ringed Plover30 Black-tailed Godwit31 Greylag Goose 32 Great-crested grebe33 Curlew- I think there were a couple along with the Whrimbrel34 Tufted Duck- A pair35 Shoveler- Only one or two36 Swift- a few over, just a couple of weeks ago, or less these birds would have been in Africa!37 Great Black-backed Gull38 Greenshank -2006 first! One feeding39 Cormorant- one drying its wings in the distance40 Spotted Redshank- distant in summer plumage41 Grey Heron- accidently flushes one while walking back to the car42 Little Egret- one flew by straight after I flushed the grey Heron43 Sedge Warbler- many singing, saw one briefly44 Moorhen45 Pochard- one sleeping on a pond just as you pull out of the entrance.Key Birds:Peregrine- My second and best veiws, one low over the car chasing a Feral PigeonWhrimbrel- Literally hundreds in a couple of fields- my best views, also my second Yellow Wagtail- my third, also my best views and photos, very close!Spotted Redshank- Haven't seen one since Minsmere, a distant summer plumaged individual.Corn Bunting- my first, got good views and some good pics. Sky Lark- my second and my best ever views, also first photo of one.

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