Saturday, April 28, 2007

YES! First Swifts!

Excellent news today! Yesterday (the 27th April 07) I saw my first Swifts of the year flying East over my house and two or three Swallows. And today I saw at least 6 more drifting eastwards over my gran's garden screaming and chasing each other. I had been looking forward to this for 9 months and it was so exciting seeing them. Hopefully see more tommorrow when I am going to Stodmarsh with some birdforum members.


Peter Middelkoop said...

Hi Birdnut,
Thanks for the sign that "my" swift returned on its nest. I hope you have a good swift year, overthere. Greetings from Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

Peter Middelkoop

Birdnut said...

Hi there.
Its a pleasure. I hope your bird returns to its partner. You're webcam is fantastic! I try to watch it every night if I can, keep the excellent work up.