Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Big Bird Race...2007

On Sunday, 13th May 2007 I returned for my fourth year to attempt to win this race again. Last year I was beaten by one species- the other boy was lucky enough to see a Peregrine Falcon fly over! Any way this year it was just my luck because it was raining heavily most of the day. I always spend the 10 minutes dad takes to get ready in the centre's car park, having a look around for any birds there may be there and I saw quite a lot including some birds that are rather hard to see at the centre.
Here is the car park list (later added to the main one):
1 Lapwing (flyover)
2 Starling
3 Swift
4 Herring Gull (flyover)
5 Blackbird
6 Jay (hard to get at the centre)
7 Mallard (flyover)
8 Canada Goose (flyover)
9 Robin (pretty hard to get at the centre)
10 Woodpigeon
11 House Martin
12 Sand Martin
Seen around visitor centre
15 Coot
16 Chaffinch (hard to get here)
We left, that day with 48 species and first prize in the family category, but the most frustrating thing about today is... there were not many people in our category because of the rain so not much competition... oh well maybe next year that boy will be back and I will be able to get the glory.

I can't really type the whole list out but I can tell you the highlights; there was a rather unexpected bird from the Wildside hide; a Grey Plover I couldn't believe it when I was casually scanning and there was a Grey Plover, apparently there was also two Turnstones briefly but they must have been round the other side. Another highlight was the Little-ringed Plovers, great birds and my firsts this year were last week at the same place.

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