Saturday, May 12, 2007

LWWT 7th May 2007

I spent my bank holiday Monday at London Wetlands Centre, I went as practice for the bird race which takes place on Sunday the 13th and to try to see the Wood Sandpiper, of course, as usual I dipped on it but it was still a great day despite the original rain.

As we got out, we were worried that it was going to rain all day and I almost didn't take my camera, and I am glad I did now. On getting out of the car we saw crows and Ring-necked Parakeets. But I was delighted to get great views of House Martins and Swifts skimming the pond near the visitor centre, I love hirundines and Swifts, particularly Swifts they are so agile and skilled in the air. We dashed to the cafe to wait until the rain stopped, which my family weren't optimistic about, but I knew it would stop and I was right. As we set off, we noted Moorhens and Coots on the small pond and House Sparrows around the buildings. The Feral Pigeons were in the farm Duck section as usual and Greylag Geese flew over.

Gull species during the trip included Great Black-backed, Herring, Black-headed and Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Many Tufted Ducks were on the lakes along with Cormorants and Great-crested Grebes. Canada Geese grazed the grass and Lapwings were present. At the Wader Scrape hide we saw Redshank and Little-ringed Plover and Common Terns fishing over the water. There were a few Pochards and a pair were nesting on one of the small pools along the track earlier. Other birds included Grey Heron, Blackbird and Goldfinch.

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