Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Staines Reservoirs 20/5/07

I heard of many raritees around this time in the South East, for example; Cattle Egret at Rainham (along with a Spoonbill) and a Savi's Warbler at Oare Marshes. I would have loved to have seen these but my parents weren't willing to go far this weekend so I had to go and see a Ferrunigous Duck at Staines, which is pretty good and would be a first for me so I accepted. Knowing my luck I didn't see it and it was a rubbish day because I mortally wounded my telescope as well.
But here is the list:
1 Woodpigeon
2 Starling
3 Pied Wagtail
4 Black-headed Gull; there were loads of these- at first I thought they were Terns on the raft but then I realised that the Gulls had taken it over
5 Coot
6 Gadwall
7 Mallard
8 Great-crested Grebe
9 Carrion Crow
10 House Sparrow
11 Tufted Duck
12 Ruddy Duck
15 Great Black-backed Gull (flyover)
Despite missing the duck, having millions of midges following me everywhere and breaking the scope the only good aspect of the day was the Common Terns flying over my head and the distant Little Egret which is odd for this site.
16 Little Egret
17 Common Tern

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