Sunday, June 03, 2007

Squacco Heron, Erith Marshes 3/6/07

Unlike two weeks ago, (see Staines reservoirs post)and most of my other attempts 'twitches' this one went pretty well. Of course as you already know from the title of the post, I was looking or a Squacco Heron, this bird at Erith, Greater London is probably one of the best birds in the South East at the moment and today I was lucky enough to see it.

After searching the local area for where we were meant to go we found the boating lake that was mentioned in the report and with the help of a friendly gentleman we were heading in the right direction. As we walked across the field towards where we thought the bird was, but our journey was interrupted by a hungry horse trying to eat my dad's scopac! After we escaped the horse we passed some Stonechat flitting around in the bushes. We got to the viewpoint, which was a particularly annoying one because it had small holes in a big wooden screen and due to the amount of people, it was difficult to get a good view! But eventually we saw it hiding in the reeds and got a few rubbish shots. Soon it flew to the other side of the pool where it was totally unobscured, yet distant-and all the places were taken again! I managed to squeeze in and digiscope it though, yet I only managed a few shots because it flew once more! This time behind an island in the marsh. AAARRG! It was so frustrating to get a good, comfortable view of the bird. People were saying that if you sit on the fence you can see it sitting on a floating stick, I tried it and saw it very clearly, I set up my camera with the 2x converter and got some good shots, which I am pretty pleased with considering I was balancing on a fence, fairly far away from the bird. The photos are above (taken from the fence).
You can see the BBC video about it HERE

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