Thursday, February 14, 2008

Warnham 10th February 2008

Focussing on getting my year list off to a good start and getting the easier birds early on (so I don't waste time later on getting easier birds when I could be concentrating on new lifers and harder year ticks) so I went to Warnham on Sunday 10th, but it isn't totally off my list yet, because I only got one of my four targets... I am in some haste at the moment because I have to visit London Wetlands Centre and Warnham again for second goes on the missed target species within the next few weeks... before mid march anyway.
Anyway, I went to the first hide for a while before and parents and gran caught up, I got about 15 species before they arrived. The feeders at the first hide (Tern hide) were not busy at all but there were about 100 Black-headed Gulls on the lake. I noticed two adult summer Great-crested Grebes on the lake and a single Herring Gull.
The hide soon got busy and we left for the feeding station, on the way we heard some House Sparrows. On the boardwalk near the feeding station two male Reed Buntings were chasing each other round and round us. At the feeders there were large numbers of Tits and Chaffinches, a single Magpie and a Dunnock or two. I soon saw a strange looking Chaffinch, and surprise surprise it was a Brambling! A nice male too. Soon after this a couple of Treecreepers chased eachother in flight through the canopy and a Nuthatch was on the feeders. A gorious male Siskin appeared with come Goldfinches- I love Siskins and set my scope up to get a good view, at 40x zoom I saw all the feather detail, there were now two males! A male Greenfinch soon appeared and I heard a Green Woodpecker in the distance.
We left after about 45 minutes to the Heron Hide, where there was a busy male Pochard, some Teal but no Mandarin (a target, missed another target, Water Rail at the feeding station too, also didn't manage Lesser Redpoll. There was a single Gadwall in the undergrowth and suddenly a large amount of Herring Gulls, there was also a single 1st winter Great Black-backed Gull and at least two Grey Herons. We left after about half an hour.
On the way back I heard a Mistle Thrush singing about a mile away in the distance.

I filmed quite a lot today with my video camera, which arrived after being repaired the week before and got some good footage of the Siskin which I will show you soon.

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