Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hen Harrier movie

Here is a video I took of the Hen Harrier featured in the last post.



Anna Simpson said...

Great movie by the way. How did you get your movie onto blogger?
I thought the only way you could do it was through Youtube.

David Campbell said...

If you save your movie, then create a new post on blogger, you will see an icon next to the picture one at the top of the box you type in. Click that and open the video file, then name it and agree to terms, conditions etc.
Hope this helps.

Anna Simpson said...

How do you add and save a movie?

David Campbell said...

Ok- these are the steps:
1 save your movie
2 go on blogger
3 go onto 'create a new post' for your blog on blogger
4 At the top of where you type,amongst all the icons, next to the picture button, there is a little film strip button, click on that
5 Click browse
6 Open your file
7 Name your video in that window
8 agree to terms conditions etc
9 wait for your video to upload for about 5 minutes.

Hope that helps